At 18 Doors we understands the need for ease of access to information about your investment.  Our web portal keeps property owners effortlessly connected to their rental properties where the following information is continually updated and can be accessed 24/7:

Owners have access to profit and loss statements, contributions and draws, and specific transactions made on behalf of the property. Balance sheets, income statements, and a number of other financial reports are available from any device.
Rent roll and other tenant information is accessible. Residents can authorize their bank accounts or credit cards in the resident portal, and then set up a recurring payment schedule. Rent will never be late this means that our owners get paid.
All pertinent documents including receipts, leases, and other important items are uploaded into the built-in document sharing system so property owners can access them anytime.
Tasks and work orders associated with your property are accessible as work orders are submitted through the portal.