You’re Tired Of Dealing With Tenants & Playing Landlord


What if you could be more hands off and make more rental income per property at the same time?

You didn’t realize being a landlord would be so much work and take up so much of your time. Everybody always talks about the financial upside to being a landlord, “Just purchase some houses, find renters and you’ll be living on easy street” they say. Wrong!

They don’t tell you about having to deal with:

  • Tenants paying rent on the 7th every month if you’re lucky

  • Paint spilled on the carpets in every bedroom and slopped on the walls and baseboards because they decided to paint without our permission (really garish colors of course!)

  • Tenants leaving big holes in the walls

  • Timber flooring damaged due to water leaking from who knows what!

  • Tenants leaving big stains on the carpet

  • Tenants leaving a extremely dirty and oily kitchen

  • High turnover rates by tenants; having to always find new tenants

  • Tenants allowing too many people to live on the property

  • Having to figure out what’s considered ‘normal’ wear and tear and if you can take their bond/deposit to pay for repairs.

  • Waiting 4 weeks just to get the repairman out for a quote

  • Whether you should put carpet, vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring

  • How best to stay organized and generate a positive ROI

  • Etc.

The list goes on, and on!

What if it didn’t have to be this way though?

What If You Could Sit Back & Relax While Somebody Else Did All Of The Work?

Imagine how much time you’d instantly have available if a qualified 3rd party managed your rental properties for you.

You’d have more time to:

  • Hangout with your friends and family

  • Travel the world and pursue your passions

  • Pick up a new hobby

  • Play an extra round of golf every week

  • Start a business

I’m sure you’d have no trouble figuring out how to spend the xtra free time you’d have if you no longer had to manage your properties and somebody else was doing it for you.

You Need 18 Doors Managing Your Rental Property

Our cost friendly services add value to your investment.  Our personal touch sets us apart. We give individual attention and dedication to navigate the complexities of leasing and managing your property.  We tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home with creative solutions to unique situations.

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio throughout San Diego with single family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments.

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Here Are Some of The Benefits of Working With Us!


We have an extremely low  eviction rate given our focus on quality and attention to detail.


We do everything possible  to get your property rented by using individualized marketing strategies and tools  to peak interests so we can hand the keys over.


Our tenant screening process helps us identify the best tenants who are able to meet the commitments of our lease agreement.


We want all of our clients to maximize profits.  Based on our analysis of your property we negotiate the highest possible rent with  the lowest possible maintenance costs focused on quality.


Relationships are the key to our success. Our clients love working  with us resulting in a great reputation in the property management industry.  


Our  online management  system has an owner portal. The work that we do for you is accessible 24/7. Payments, property accounting, maintenance tasks and all records associated with your property are available through intuitive software.

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Tenant Screening, Move In and Lease Signing

  • 20 Point Screening Process

  • Thoroughly screen all prospective tenants following Fair Housing laws

  • Take numerous move-in photos and video of property prior to tenants moving in

  • Write up and sign the lease on the property owners behalf

  • Supply all documentation to the resident that meets the state landlord/tenant laws

  • Re-key each property as needed.

Collect Rent

  • Collect rent through e-payment ACH transfer or by check

  • Collect rent through credit card if tenant does not have necessary funds

  • Fully account for all deposits throughout the life of the lease term

  • Maintain separate accounting for the tenant security deposit as required by the California Department of Real Estate.

Month End Reporting

  • Provide month-end and year-end reporting

  • Provide necessary year-end tax forms as required by the IRS

  • Direct deposit monthly payments into the owners bank account

Move Out Procedures

  • Take numerous photos when a tenant moves out

  • Complete a detailed move out report

  • Provide Pre Move Out Inspection for Tenant as required by law

  • Perform the Security Deposit Disposition

  • Disburse the tenants security deposit refund based on California law

Frustration Free Management

  • Manage properties with state of the art computer software

  • Keep up with state and federal regulations to maintain compliance and keep up to date forms

  • Inspect the property for any lease infractions or maintenance issues

  • Provide a copy of all invoices, work orders and paperwork in the owner portal

  • Provide any ad hoc reporting the owner requests

  • Provide investment guidance to investors – including type of home, area of town, rent and sales possibilities

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